Conditions of entry

fifth year

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International song competition
for interpreters and songwriters 
(over 36)

The performances and awards will be broadcast live in streaming

Registered version of the International Finals will be sent

Kismet, already well known all over the world through GEF-the World Festival of Creativity in schools ( and for sanremoJunior ( International song and music competition for soloists singers from 6 to 15 years old – is now organizing the fifth singing contest for interpreters and songwriters over 36 “sanremoSenior. The Finals of “sanremoSenior” will take place at “Teatro dell’Opera del Casinò” of Sanremo, Italy, 22 – 24 October 2021 (place and dates still to be confirmed).

Conditions of entry

Art. 1

Interpreters and songwriters over 36, from any Country, are allowed to take part in the contest of “sanremoSenior”.

To determine the section to which they belong, the age taken between January 1 and December 31, 2021 will be taken into account, even if at the date of the exhibition at any level of the competition, the participant has not yet reached the age.

Winners  in former years editions of sanremoSenior are not admitted.



The contest is divided into 2 categories each subdivided into 2 sections, that is:


  • Category SI Section 1 Interpreters (published or unpublished pieces) From 36 to 59 years old
  • Category SI Section 2 Interpreters (published or unpublished pieces) 60 and over


  • Category SC Section 1 Songwriters (authors of text and music) From 36 to 59 years old
  • Category SC Section 2 Songwriters (authors of text and music) 60 and over

All musical genres are allowed, except for the Opera.


Art. 3

For selection all the participants are obliged to present one piece that have to last maximum 3 minutes and 30 seconds (3’30”), and it must be the same piece in all eventual following selections and Finals.

The texts can be in Italian, any foreign language or any dialect. In case the language is not Italian or English, it is compulsory to present it with a translation into English.


Art. 4 - Selections

Send entry form with everything what is mentioned in Art.10 within 20 August 2021 directly to:

Kismet srl – Via Roma, 166 – 18038 Sanremo (Italy).


Among entries a Jury panel in charge by the Committee of “sanremoSenior” will select the admitted participants to the Finals in Sanremo without giving any reasons both to the admitted participants and to those not admitted.

The Panel’s decisions are final.


Art. 5 - Sanremo: International Finals (live)

The Finals of “sanremoSenior” will take place at “Teatro dell’Opera del Casinò” of Sanremo 12 – 14 November 2021  (place and dates still to be confirmed).

Such Phases may involve Semi-Finals and International Finals or directly an International Finals.

Participants from other countries (not resident in Italy), selected by the sanremoSenior Commission, will be admitted directly to the International Finals.

At the Final Phases the competitors will present their song live on a backing track, in the presence of the Jury and the audience.

Participants in the Final Phases are not allowed to use any type of video support during the execution.

The participants can perform live accompanied with their own musical instrument or singing on a musical track with no trace of vocals such as double voices or choirs sound, or they will be excluded from the competition with no reimbursement.


Art. 6 - ENTRY FEE to The Finals (live performance)

The admission fee is euro 180 per person and enclose:

  1. Welcome and registration at the welcome-desk by the staff of the Organization
  2. A theatre with audio service and lights for the live performance.
  3. Rehearsals.
  4. Jury of experts appointed by the sanremoSenior Committee
  5. SIAE – copyrights fees of the music


Art. 7

All the participants are obliged to present for selection one piece that will be the same in all eventual following selections and final.

Each piece will last maximum 3,30 minutes and will be submitted as a recording in one of the following formats: CD or USB. They must be accompanied by a completed registration form and by a copy of the receipt as proof of payment for the entrance fee (see art.6).

The following details must be clearly written or printed on a sticker on the cover of the CD or USB: full name, title of the piece, genre, author, duration and clearly stating if it is an original piece or an arrangement, whether or not it was ever performed, etc.

No choreographies or special lighting will be included, except for those which might be chosen by the organizers (their decision will be final) but that will have no bearing on the overall Panel decision


Art. 8

A jury of experts - appointed by the "sanremoSenior" Committee - will establish the winners of the competition. The valuation will be based not only on the usual technical and artistic criteria, (intonation, colour, performing technique, expression, musicality and interpretation), but also on potential emerging both from the pieces performed and their performance.

The Panel’s decisions are final.


Art. 9

The Organization will provide professional audio and lighting equipment (technical specifications will be communicated at a later stage).


Art. 10 - Registration

Forward the entry form to Kismet srl , Via Roma 166 -18038 SANREMO – Italy

by Registered postal letter or Courier express within the 20th of August 2021

including following:

  • 1 piece only recorded on USB or CD; The text for the song can be in Italian and or in any foreign language or any dialect. In case the language is not Italian or English, it is compulsory to present a text with translation into English or
  • Entry form filled in and
  • Copy of the participant’s identity
  • 1 passphoto
  • Curriculum in Italian or English, max. 10
  • Forms about the privacy rules (UE n.679/2016)(GDPR), filled in and signed.

The Organization is not responsible for possible postal mistakes or delays in any stage of the contest.


Art. 11

Confirmation to all participants admitted to the International Finals will be sent out by e- mail within the 5th of September 2021:

  • Entry confirmation letter
  • Hotel booking form to be filled in
  • SIAE-form to be filled in
  • Technical form to be filled in

Within the 15th of September 2021 every admitted participant have to send by e-mail to the following:

  • Confirmation of participation in
  • Copy of payment of the admission fee to the Finals in Sanremo (€ 180)
  • Hotel booking form signed and filled in (the whole payment for the hotel to be transferred within the 15th of September).
  • SIAE form filled
  • Technical form filled

Any participant not providing all the items requested within the date above will be excluded.

Entry fee (see art.6) and Hotel bookings must be paid to:



Beneficiary: KISMET S.R.L.

IBAN. IT59G0200849090000010138260


Causal: Name Surname of the participant of sanremoSenior

No other sort of payment is possible.

No credit cards


Art. 12

The participants must be punctual on the day, at the place and time established and communicated previously by the organization or they will be excluded from the competition with no reimbursement.

The texts in competition must not contain expressions which could be found offensive to common decency, and/or the State, Institutions, the Church, or any Religion.

During the performance, attitudes, clothes, movement or behaviour which could offend common decency, are not allowed. Moreover, it is compulsory for the participants to behave correctly according to the rules of public spirit during all stages of the contest and they must respect people and public property. In the case of any incorrect behaviour, the participant will be immediately disqualified.


Art. 13

All entrants taking part in the competition Finals in Sanremo will undertake to pay for its own board and lodgings. For reasons of organization and event management, finalists and accompanying adults, or anyone spending nights in Sanremo while taking part in “sanremoSenior”, will need to book through the Organization of sanremoSenior choosing accommodation from the price list (on our site) and packages in order to gain accreditation and be able to take part in the competition Finals.

Each participant admitted to the Finals will be sent a booking-form by the booking organization outlining modes of payment.


Art. 14 - Prizes

To the absolute winner of the "Grand Prix", awarded to one of the winners of the 2 categories, the organization will offer the creation of a Single recorded in a Studio.

The winner of the Grand Prix will present his piece live on the stage of the Ariston Theatre in Sanremo, during the final stages of the 23rd edition of the GEF ( scheduled for spring 2022.

Other prizes:

  • A trophy for the winner of the “Special prize” - Committee of “sanremoSenior”.
  • A trophy to the first 3 classified in every section in the 2 categories
  • Diploma for the first 3 in each section in each of the two
  • Finalist-participation diploma for every other finalist of “sanremoSenior”.

The Jury reserves the right - according to its irreversible and final judgement - to assign further prizes than those already stated.

The Organization may also offer the finalists prizes and gadgets donated by possible sponsors


Art. 15

Kismet, owner and organizer, reserves the right to record and/or film and/or broadcast the event in its entirety or in part, using any medium (print, photography, radio, television, audio-visual, internet, etc.) and to accompany the event with one or more promotion or publicity, without owing any payments to anyone or to any participants


Art. 16

Any changes to the competition Final in Sanremo, which might occur due to technical or administrative reasons will be notified forthwith to the interested parties.


Art. 17

All works received will remain the property of Kismet and will be published or used in other shows at Kismet’s discretion. No money will be owed to anyone or to any participant.


Art. 18

All printed matter and logos are protected by copyright; therefore any unauthorized use is forbidden. Anyone trying to use any of them without authorization will be duly prosecuted.


Art. 19

The Organizing Committee, the promoting association and the company providing technical support will not accept any liability for personal or material injuries or accidents occurring while travelling to/from or during the Festival.


Art. 20

Anyone taking part in the event is expected to have read and understood the conditions set by these regulations and to accept them unconditionally.

Participation to the event also implies that each participant explicitly agrees to process all personal data provided, according to UE n.6798/2016 (GDPR).


Art. 21

In case of any controversy, the competent court to deal with this matter will be the Sanremo / Imperia Courts of Law.




  • Entry Form
  • Information about the privacy according to UE n.6798/2016 (GDPR) and forms to be filled in.